Oppose MBTA Fare Hikes Petition – In December 2018 the State’s Commission on the Future of Transportation and the City of Boston’s Carbon Free Boston initiative each released a report highlighting the urgent need for us to grow public transit ridership, for our economy and for environment. One month later, the MBTA announced proposed fare increases that would lead to continued ridership declines. There is no time left to delay in addressing climate change and income inequality. Instead of fare hikes, we should be discussing bold ideas to invest in transit – bold ideas like a fare free transit system.

Boston Youth Transportation

Boston Youth Transportation Project – The Boston Youth Transportation Project (BYTP) examined the transportation experiences of Boston teenaged youth. BYTP researched whether Boston youth face any barriers to transportation and what attitudes they held toward different transportation modes. The project was motivated for two main reasons: 1) to examine whether transportation challenges are affecting the socioeconomic mobility potential of youth, and 2) to gauge youth’s affinity toward biking and public transit in support of the City of Boston’s climate change goals. In total, 264 youth took a survey and 240 of them also participated in one of 23 focus group sessions.

Climate Justice Report

Climate Justice for the City of Boston: Visioning Policies and Processes Climate change is not coming – it is here. We are entering an era where the effects of climate change are already being felt in profound ways. As local governments plan for climate change, they must also consciously consider the ways in which their climate change plans, policies and processes can unintentionally exacerbate existing environmental hazards and social, political, and economic inequalities in the city. Local governments therefore have an additional responsibility: to ensure the just distribution of adaptation and mitigation resources and equitable access to decisionmaking processes that ultimately determine what a city will do to adapt to a changing climate. This report is one step in a larger and sustained dialogue between Boston’s community and local government. It is intended as a resource for those who wish to explore what just climate action could look like locally and describe possible policy, project and process avenues to explore. This report is also intended to be an educational tool that can help city employees, officials and residents alike form the foundation of a deeper understanding of what it means to be a climate just city.

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