ARCHIVED PRESS (2012-2019)



4/17/19 The Daily Free Press Nyah Jordan “City Council resolves to support Green New Deal

4/16/19 CommonWealth Carter Wilkie “Reforming capitalism to save it

4/15/19 Politico Stephanie Murray “NEAL’S Tax Day — MARATHON Monday — TRAHAN’s loophole — Boston’s OTHER housing crisis”

4/16/19 South Coast Today Chris Lisinski “Some still not satisfied after Baker ups home heating aid

4/12/19 WGBH Tina Martin “The Seaport District Is Growing, But It’s Missing Basic Services

4/12/19 Up to Boston Adrien Lynch “What’s the Situation for Airbnb in Boston?

4/12/19 North End Waterfront Sara Brown “Boston City Council Supports Green New Deal

4/11/19 Boston Magazine Ellen Gerst “Boston City Council Votes to Support Green New Deal”

4/10/19 Boston.com Christopher Gavin “‘The climate crisis is here now’: The Green New Deal gets Boston City Council support”

4/10/19 WGBH David S. Bernstein “2019 Boston City Council Race Sets Stage For 2021 Mayor’s Contest”

4/10/19 Boston Globe Matt Stout “In Baker-Rollins spat, how are the players faring?”

4/10/19 Boston Informer “‘The climate crisis is here now:’ The Green New Deal gets Boston City Council support

4/9/19 Jamaica Plain News David Ertischek “Matt O’Malley is Boston’s Environmental City Councilor

4/8/19 WGBH Saraya Wintersmith “Rollins: ‘What You’re Not Going To Do Is Disrespect This Office’”

4/13/19 Dorchester Reporter Ward 15 Dems to hear from council candidates

4/8/19 MassLive Jacqueline Tempera “Suffolk DA Rachael Rollins says attacks on her decline to prosecute policy are based in sexism at Dorchester rally

4/7/19 Sampan “Massachusetts Democrats host second annual Chinatown banquet

4/6/19 Universal Hub Adam Gaffin “Minority elected officials support DA Rollins

4/7/18 Boston Herald Taylor Pettaway “Hundreds rally in support of Rachael Rollins”

4/7/19 Bay State Banner Yawu Miller “Rollins, Baker administration spar over policy”

4/2/19 The Daily Free Press Joel Lau “City councilor files order regarding noise levels in Boston”

4/1/19 New York Times Danny Hakim, Roni Caryn Rabin and William K. Rashbaum “Lawsuits Lay Bare Sackler Family’s Role in Opioid Crisis”

3/20/19 Good Food Purchasing Program, Taylor Billings “Boston City Council Passes Landmark Food Justice Policy”

3/27/19 Karen Morales Bay State Banner “Council hears case for transfer tax”

3/26/19 Adrian Walker Boston Globe “Riding the 28 bus — the line that connects Boston’s neighborhoods. Or should”

3/25/19 Wicked Local Roslindale “City Council passes ‘Good Foods Purchasing’ program ordinance”  

3/25/19 Joel Lau The Daily Free Press  “City adopts ethical food purchasing standards”  

3/24/19 Mia Cathell The Daily Free Press “Proposed ordinance would give voter registration forms to tenants”  

3/24/19 Sara Brown North End Waterfront “Council Wants Landlords to Help New Residents Vote”  

3/21/19 Sampan “City Council passes Good Foods Purchasing Program Ordinance”  

3/21/19 Christopher Gavin Boston.com “Boston City Council rejects proposal to let public petition for hearings”  

3/20/19 Taylor Billings Good Food Purchasing “Boston City Council Passes Landmark Food Justice Policy”  

3/20/19 Adam Gaffin Universal Hub “Boston City Council decides it doesn’t want to deal with people with petitions”  

3/20/19 Christopher Gavin Boston.com “Boston City Council proposal: Landlords should provide leases (and voter registration, too)”

3/20/19 Andrea Germanos Common Dreams “Boston City Council Passes Groundbreaking Food Justice Ordinance”

3/20/19 Paris Martineau “Inside Airbnb’s guerilla war against local governments

3/19/19 Jon Chesto Boston Globe “Boston makes its move into electricity purchasing for its residents and businesses”  

3/18/19 Bruce Mohl CommonWealth Magazine “Is consensus emerging on what MBTA needs?”  

3/17/19 Steve LeBlanc Leominster Champion “On Beacon Hill, talk again turns to transportation revenue”  

3/15/19 The Lowell Sun “Editorial: Increased fares can’t be only solution to ‘T’ funding”

3/14/19 Yanxi Liu Spare Change News “MBTA raises fares despite public opposition”

3/14/19 Christopher Gavin Boston.com “Two Boston city councilors want to make the Route 28 Bus free. Here’s why.”

3/14/19 Sentinel and Enterprise “Increased fares can’t be only solution to ‘T’ funding”

3/13/19 Chris Lisinski Wicked Local Westford “Westford 495 MBTA Commuter riders will see a hike in pricing”

3/13/19 Chris Lisinski Wicked Local Littleton “Littleton/Route 495 MBTA Commuter riders will see a hike in pricing”

3/13/19 Christopher Gavin Boston.com “Boston’s Seaport doesn’t have a school, library, or police and fire stations. City councilors want to change that.”

3/13/19 Bloomberg “Baystate Business: College Admissions Scandal (Radio)”

3/11/19 Adam Gaffin Universal Hub “Subway, commuter-rail fares to go up, but bus rides will cost the same”

3/12/19 Sean Philip Cotter Boston Herald/Union Leader New Hampshire “MBTA approves rail, subway fare hikes; spares bus and discount programs”

3/11/13 Steve LeBlanc Milford Daily News “MBTA control board votes to hike fares”

3/13/19 Joyce Ferriabough Bolling Boston Herald “Grant to help City Council serve diverse community”

3/12/19 WCVB Wicked Local Arlington “MBTA Approves Fare Hikes”

3/13/19 Sean Philip Cotter Mass Transit “MA: T approves fare hike, spares bus and discount programs”

3/12/19 Chris Lisinski The Patriot Ledger “MBTA to increase train fares in July”

3/10/19 Cameron Sperance Widett Circle “Boston wants to cash in on the real estate centerpiece of its olympic blunder”

3/12/19 Steve LeBlanc Lowell Sun “MBTA hikes commuter rail, subway fares”

3/12/19 Michelle Williams Mass Live “MBTA votes to approve fare hike for T”

3/11/19 Sean Philip Cotter Boston Herald “T approves fare hike, spares bus and discount programs”

3/11/19 Boston 25 “MBTA control board votes to hike fares, but exempts bus fares”

3/11/19 Patch Jenna Fisher “MBTA Approves Fare Increase Proposal”

3/11/19 Sara Congi WCVB 5 “MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board approves proposed fare hikes”

3/11/19 CommonWealth Bruce Mohl “Osgood details mayor’s transportation initiatives”

3/11/19 Mass Transit Sean Philip Cotter “MA: Pushback continues on proposed MBTA fare hike”

3/11/19 Sera Congi WCVB 5 “MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board approves proposed fare hikes”

3/11/19 The Tufts Daily Noah Richter “Tisch College, Generation Citizen host discussion on youth empowerment in politics”

3/9/19 Lynn Journal “Proposed ‘T’ Hikes Meet With Outcry from Commuters, Elected Officials”

3/10/19 Boston Herald Sean Philip Cotter “Pushback continues on proposed MBTA fare hike”

3/8/19 WGBH Linda Polach “Mar. 8: Next Week at the BPL Studio”

3/8/19 Next City Sandra Larson “Boston City Councilors Eye Pension Fund Divestment, Reinvestment”

3/7/19 Dorchester Reporter Chris Lisinski “City councillors press for hearing on MBTA payments”

3/7/19 Dorchester Reporter Yukun Zhang “Michelle Wu’s latest campaign push: Fare-free MBTA”

3/7/19 The Boston Globe Robin Washington “If the T’s goal is efficiency, make fares free”

3/4/19 Boston University News Service Anastasia Lennon “Public expresses concerns about accessibility, environment at latest MBTA fare hearing”

3/4/19 The Heights Jack Miller “MBTA Hosts Public Hearing on Planned Fare Hike”

3/5/19 WCVB 5 Chris Lisinski “MBTA board member opposed to fare hike proposal, offers alternatives for raising revenue”

3/5/18 Boston Business Journal Chris Lisinski “MBTA board member says transit agency may be leaning too hard on riders”

3/5/19 North End Waterfront Amanda Stoll “Reader Poll: Should MBTA Prices Be Raised, Lowered, or Stay the Same?”

3/5/19 Sampan Valerie Sizhe Li “MBTA proposed fare hike faces backlash from commuters”

3/5/19 The Metrowest Daily News Chris Lisinski “T’ board member says MBTA may be leaning too hard on riders to fund public transit”

3/6/19 Boston.com Yawu Miller “Why is BPS transferring property to the city?”

3/6/19 Bay State Banner Karen Morales “Elected officials blast planned MBTA fare hikes”

3/6/19 Bay State Banner Trea Lavery “Councilors press city on investments”

3/6/19 East Boston Times Free Press John Lynds “Rep. Madaro, Boston Delegation, City Council Oppose MBTA Fare Hike”

3/3/19 Rockland Standard Chris Lisinski “MBTA fare hikes slammed at Boston Hearing”

2/28/19 Politico Stephanie Murray “Baker and Kissinger at MIT — Satanic Temple vs. City Council — Cohen hearing highlights”

2/28/19 Boston Magazine Spencer Buelle “AriZona Iced Tea and an Argument Against Raising MBTA Fares”

3/1/19 WGBH Bob Seay “Are Transit Fares Fair?”

3/2/19 Winthrop Transcript “Officials Happy with Federal Wetlands Protection”

3/1/19 Politico Stephanie Murray “Where WARREN stacks up — SPILKA leans on ROSENBERG aide — ARIZONA ICED ‘T’”

3/1/19 North End Waterfront Sara Brown “MBTA Riders Speak Out Against Price Hikes”

3/1/19 Dorchester Reporter Chris Lisinski “City councillors want hearing on withholding payments to MBTA”

3/1/19 Charlestown Bridge “For the Record”

3/1/19 The Daily Free Press Evelyn Bergman “MBTA hosts public meeting regarding fair hike”

3/3/19 The Boston Globe Max Reyes “Hearing raises questions about Boston investments”

2/28/19 Sampan “Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu delivers petition opposing MBTA fare increases”

2/28/19 Banker & Tradesman “MTBA Fare Hikes Slammed at Hearing

2/28/19 Boston Business Journal Kalina Newman “MBTA riders point to delays, overcrowding amid fare hike proposal”

2/27/19 WCVB 5 Chris Lisinski “Boston councilors want hearing on withholding payments to MBTA”

2/27/19 Boston.com By Arianna MacNeill “MBTA GM defends proposed fare hikes in Boston Globe opinion piece”

2/28/19 Boston Herald Sean Philip Cotter “T riders: Don’t hike fares”

2/27/19 The Milford Daily News Chris Lisinski “MBTA fare hikes slammed at hearing”

2/27/19 The Boston Globe Laura Crimaldi “Satanic Temple co-founder accuses Boston City Council of discrimination”

2/27/19 MassLive Jacqueline Tempera “MBTA riders to Massachusetts transportation officials: Fix ‘abysmal service’ before raising the cost to ride”

2/27/19 WCVB 5 Katie Thompson “Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu leading protest effort against proposed MBTA fare hikes”

2/27/19 Politico Stephanie Murray “WU takes on the MBTA — PRESSLEY ready to question COHEN — BAKER’s housing agenda”

2/26/19 Boston Herald Taylor Pettaway “Violence survivor to Councilor Wu: Stop talking and act”

2/26/19 The Boston Globe “Let voters decide on Boston City Council terms”

2/26/19 Boston Business Journal Kalina Newman “MBTA fares could go up in July and transit advocates aren’t happy”

2/25/19 Sampan “Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu calls for follow-up on community impacts of violence and trauma”

2/25/19 The Boston Globe Adam Vaccaro “With traffic so bad, is it really the time to raise T fares?”

4/3/19 Politico Stephanie Murray “The NEW MASSGOP — Wynn’s ‘COVER-UP’ culture — How to solve TRANSPORTATION troubles”

2/22/19 Jamaica Plain Gazette “Op-Ed My First Few Weeks as State Representative”

2/21/19 Boston Bulletin News Jeff Sullivan “Council calls for tax break transparency”

2/22/19 Charlestown Patriot-Bridge Seth Daniel “Edwards: Four-Year Term Will Drive Voter Turnout, Participation”

2/22/19 Sampan By Yiyan Zheng “Boston lion dance parade welcomes Year of Pig”

2/20/2019 KTBS 3 ABC MJ Lee “Elizabeth Warren is running for president as the wonky professor”

2/20/10 MassLive Jacqueline Tempera “Boston Mayor Marty Walsh: MBTA needs to explain why it’s raising fares before 6.3 percent hike”

2/21/19 Bay State Banner Trea Lavery “City councilors vote 11-2 to extend terms to four years”

2/21/19 The Daily Free Press Joel Lau “City Councilor Michelle Wu petitions against MBTA fare hike”

2/19/19 Local 10 “Elizabeth Warren running for president as the wonky professor”

2/9/19 ABC 10 News San Diego “Elizabeth Warren officially announces she is running for President”

2/14/19 Sampan Ivy Huang “Boston Councilor Wu celebrates Year of the Pig”

2/9/19 Fox 5 CNN Wire “Elizabeth Warren launches presidential campaign”

2/19/19 The Heights Colleen Martin “Petition Opposes MBTA Fare Increase”

2/18/19 North End Waterfront Sara Brown “Boston City Council Votes to Extend Term Limits to Four Years”

2/18/19 Jamaica Plain News David Ertischek “Councilor Wu Wants You to Sign Petition to Oppose MBTA Fare Hikes…And She Wants a Fare-Free T”

2/17/19 Boston Herald Brooks Sutherland “Marty Walsh: MBTA needs better service before rate hike”

2/16/19 MassLive Jacqueline Tempera “Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu petitions to stop MBTA fare hike”

2/15/19 The Boston Globe Jon Chesto “GE, Amazon HQ shifts could increase the scrutiny for public incentives”

2/14/19 North End Waterfront Sara Brown “Councilor Kim Janey Develops New Ordinance for Marijuana Industry”

2/14/19 Jamaica Plain News David Ertischek “Poll: Should Boston City Council Terms be Two or Four Years?”

2/14/19 The Daily Free Press Anders Larson “City Councilors push for Boston increased wetland protections”

2/14/19 The Daily Free Press “EDITORIAL: City Council reforms would make City government better”

2/14/19 The Boston Globe “New England news in brief”

2/13/19 The Boston Globe Milton Valencia “Boston City Council votes to extend terms to 4 years”

2/13/19 Boston Herald Brooks Sutherland “City Council votes to lengthen own terms”

2/13/19 WBUR Quincy Walters “Boston City Councilors Vote To Lengthen Their Terms From 2 Years To 4”

2/13/19 WGBH Isaiah Thompson “Boston Council Members Move To Extend Their Own Terms”

2/14/19 The Boston Globe Yvonne Abraham “To fix Greater Boston’s traffic woes, go big or stay home”

2/13/19 WRAL MJ Lee “Elizabeth Warren taps Roger Lau as campaign manager”

2/9/19  WPSD Local 6 “Elizabeth Warren kicks off presidential bid with challenge to super wealthy — and other Democrats”

2/13/19 Insurance News Net, Newswire“City Councilor Michelle Wu calls for corporate tax break transparency”

2/12/19 Boston Herald Brooks Sutherland “Boston mulls lengthening council terms to four years”

2/12/19 Boston Herald Brooks Sutherland “City Councilor Michelle Wu calls for corporate tax break transparency”

2/12/19 The Boston Globe Milton J Valencia “Boston city councilors look to extend term limits”

2/9/19 WSAZ 3, CNN Wire “Sen. Elizabeth Warren officially launches 2020 presidential campaign”

2/10/19 INsurance News Net, The Washington Wire “Off And Running: Warren Launches Presidential Bid In Lawrence”

2/7/19 Christian Science Monitor, Christa Case Bryant “Nevertheless, Elizabeth Warren comes out swinging”

2/11/19 Boston Agent Magazine, Andrew Morrell “Development restrictions proposed to protect Boston wetlands”

2/1/19 Massachusetts Daily Collegian Irina Costache “Elizabeth Warren announces bid for presidency”

2/10/19 Newburyport News Paul Tennant “Off and running: Warren launches presidential bid in Lawrence”

2/11/19 Boston Globe MIlton J Valencia “Officials seek more protections for city wetlands to counter effects of climate change”

2/9/19 MassLive Shannon Young “Elizabeth Warren officially joins 2020 presidential race, says she’s in the fight ‘all the way’”

2/9/19 The Denver Channel ABC 7, CNN wire “Elizabeth Warren officially announces she is running for President”

2/9/19 Fox 8 Cleveland, CNN Wire “Elizabeth Warren to kick off presidential campaign with her first big-name endorsement”

2/9/19 GoLocalProv “Elizabeth Warren Formally Announces for President”

2/9/19 WCPO 9 Cincinnati, CNN Wire “Elizabeth Warren officially announces she is running for President”

2/9/19 40 29 News, MJ Lee and Gregory Krieg “Sen. Elizabeth Warren officially kicks off 2020 presidential bid”

2/10/19 GoLocalWorcester “Elizabeth Warren Formally Announces for President”

2/10/19 Lowell Sun “Warren launches presidential run with call for change”

2/9/19 Boston Herald Lisa Kashinki “Elizabeth Warren makes it official, joins 2020 race”

2/9/19 WGBH Adam Reilly “She’s In: Warren Announces Presidential Bid In Lawrence”

2/9/19 Inquisitr Melissa Binns “Elizabeth Warren Officially Announces Presidential Run”

2/9/19 Liberty Voice Barbara Sobel “Elizabeth Warren Kicks Off Her Presidential Campaign From Massachusetts”

2/8/19 The Daily Free Press Haley Lerner “Baker, Walsh attend Chinatown tea ceremony”

2/7/19 Boson.com Christopher Gavin “A Boston city councilor has a plan to make sure the marijuana industry is fair for minority residents”

2/4/19 CommonWealth Bruce Mohl “Pollack prioritizes Red-Blue rail connector”

2/4/19 Wicked Local Chris Lisinski “State proposes linking MBTA’s Red and Blue lines”

2/6/19 The Heights, Colleen Martin “Equitable Marijuana Licensing Process Proposed by City Councilor”

2/6/19 Streetsblog USA, Blake Aued “Wednesday’s Headlines”

2/5/19 WBUR Chris Lisinski “The Red-Blue Line Rail Connector Is Back In Planning Stages”

2/4/19 Boston Herald Sean Philip Cotter “T gives boost to Red-Blue line connector”

2/7/19 Dorchester Reporter Jennifer Smith “A Vietnamese cultural district in Fields Corner? The mayor calls for a ‘task force’”

2/7/19 The Boston Globe, Letters “A win-win: fare-free T, reduced carbon footprint”

2/4/19 WBUR Irene Li “What The Boston Black Restaurant Challenge Brings To Our City”

2/6/19 Huntington News Isaac Stephens “Rise in T fare worries city activists, students mostly unfazed”

2/5/19 Boston Globe, Letters “Facing down a T fare increase”

2/4/19 The Patriot Ledger Chris Lisinski “State proposes linking MBTA’s Red and Blue lines”

2/4/19 Boston Business Journal Kalina Newman “Red-Blue line connector now on the MBTA’s front burner”

2/2/19 Boston Herald “Editorial: Michelle Wu’s idea of carbon-free is wallet expensive”

2/1/19 Politico Stephanie Murray “What will WELD do? – Making BEACON HILL more inclusive – PRESSLEY’S letter to Congress”

2/1/19 Curbed Boston Tom Acitelli “Should the T be Free?”

1/31/19 Boston.com Adrianna MacNeill “Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu: MBTA fares should be eliminated”

1/31/19 Boston Globe Michelle Wu “Forget fare hikes — make the T free”

1/28/19 Sampan “Councilors Wu and O’Malley refile local wetlands protection ordinance”

1/23/19 Boston 25 News Crystal Haynes “Local pastors leading community effort for those affected by shutdown”

1/25/19 Patch Jenna Fischer “Boston School Tries To Save Teacher Ahead Of Proposed Cuts”

2/18/19 NEREJ “Finegold Alexander Architects redesigns Boston City Hall council chamber”

1/16/19 Boston Herald Brooks Sutherland “Boston City Council shows early support for tax on high-end developers”

1/11/19 East Boston Times Free-Press John Lynds “Eastie’s the Harborkeepers Receives Barr Foundation Grant”

1/8/19 CommonWealth Bruce Mohl “Bostonians clinging to their cars”

1/7/19 Daily Hampshire Gazette Scott Merzbach “Comerford assembles legislative district team”

1/4/19 Boston 25 News Crystal Haynes “Boston city councilors gather to watch Ayanna Pressley’s swearing-in ceremony”

1/4/19 Politico Stephanie Murray “WARREN in Iowa — BAKER’S vision for second term — The new BOSTON INSIDERS”

1/3/19 Boston Globe Sabrina Schnur “Four Boston city councilors attend former colleague Ayanna Pressley’s swearing-in”

1/2/19 Boston Herald Meghan Ottolini “Expectations high for new Suffolk DA”

1/9/19 Dorchester Reporter Jennifer Smith “2018: Looking back offers a guide for what’s next”

1/1/19 WBUR Zeninjor Enwemeka “New Short-Term Rental Rules Take Effect In Boston”

12/30/18 CommonWealth Emily Norton and Dwaign Tyndal “Developing Widett Circle is short-sighted”

12/28/18 Bay State Banner Yawu Miller “Boston sees profound political changes in ’18”

12/27/18 Curbed Boston Alyssa Walker “How 7 Americans got around their cities in 2018”

12/26/18 WCVB 5 “Housing complex on fourth day without gas service”

12/21/18 WBUR Zeninjor Enwemeka “What To Know About The Mass. Bill To Regulate Airbnb”

12/21/18 Bay State Banner Yawu Miller “School Committee votes to close West Roxbury Education Complex”

12/21/18 WGBH Peter Kadzis and Adam Reilly “Massachusetts Politics In 2018: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

12/14/18 MassLive Jacqueline Tempera “Boston’s ban on single-use plastic bags begins Friday; here’s what you need to know”

12/14/18 Mission Hill Gazette Peter Shanley “Mission Hill native announces run for At-Large City Councilor seat”

12/13/18 Dorchester Reporter Jennifer Smith “At-large hopefuls join council incumbents in growing ’19 field”

12/11/18 Boston Herald Taylor Pettaway “Community demands answers in Pressley listening session”

12/10/18 Jamaica Plain News David Ertischek “What You Need to Know: Boston’s Plastic Bag Ordinance Goes Into Effect on Dec. 14.”

12/10/18 Boston Business Journal, Catherine Carlock “Brutalist-style Boston City Council chamber gets an upgrade”

12/9/18 The Daily Free Press, Jennifer Suryadjaja “Transportation expenses, lack of reliability cause difficulties for Boston students, study finds”

12/7/18 The Boston Herald, Brooks Sutherland “Boston seeks locally grown food for schools”

12/6/18 Teen Vogue, Christianna Silva “Ayanna Pressley Gave a Powerful Farewell Speech at Her Final Boston City Council Meeting Before She Heads to Congress”

12/7/18 East Boston Times-Free Press “City Councilor Michelle Wu Releases Report on Youth Transportation Challenges”

12/6/18 Roll Call, Emily Kopp “Ayanna Pressley’s ‘Squad’ Attends Tearful City Council Farewell”

12/5/18 WBUR, Quincy Walters “For Ayanna Pressley, ‘Destroyer Of Glass Ceilings,’ D.C. Is Just Another ‘Gentle Battle’”

12/5/18 MassLive, Jacqueline Tempera “Ayanna Pressley says goodbye to Boston City Council”

12/5/18 The Boston Globe, Jon Chesto “Boston business groups wage war over city’s proposed work-schedule rules”

12/3/18 Politico, Stephanie Murray “BAKER clashes with courts on GUNS — MILLENNIALS eye RENEWABLE energy — From BOSTON to BERKSHIRES rent is TOO HIGH — PAY BIAS alleged at Boston schools”

11/30/19 Boston.com, Christopher Gavin “Should Boston create a municipal ID card?”

11/30/18 Union Leader New Hampshire, Dave Solomon “NH Young Democrats waiting for response to O’Rourke invitation”

11/30/18 Bay State Banner, Yawu Miller “Growing list of at-large contenders”

11/30/18 WGBH, Isaiah Thompson “Whoa! Wait A Minute: Boston Council Questions Walsh Plans To Sell City Land”

11/28/18 The Boston Globe, Joan Vennochi “It’s downhill for Mayor Walsh”

11/28/18 Curbed Boston, Tom Acitelli “Boston plan to sell tow lot up in the air amid opposition”

11/28/18 The Boston Globe, Jon Chesto “There are 18 acres of city-owned land in the heart of Boston. What should happen to it?”

1127/18 The Boston Business Journal, Greg Ryan “Boston City Council mulls limits on employers’ ability to change worker schedules”

11/21/18 Bay State Banner, Karen Morales “Concerns, ideas aired at gentrification hearing”

11/18/18 Boston.com, Nik DeCosta-Klipa “What should Boston be doing to make the city safer for bicycles?”

11/16/18 The Boston Herald, Joe Battenfeld “Ed Markey could be big target in 2020”

12/15/18 The Boston Globe, Michelle Wu, Jan Devereux and Becca Wolfson “Another cyclist is killed. Our streets need to be safer. Now”

11/14/18 The Dorchester Reporter, Jennifer Smith “Up next: An at-large council campaign; Wu says midterms showed appetite for more voices”

11/14/18 Bay State Banner, Katherine McGloin “City pension funds under scrutiny”

11/13/18 Boston.com, Christopher Gavin “Should the Boston speed limit be 20 mph? Some say things need to change to make the city’s streets safer.”

11/13/18 New Boston Post, Matt McDonald “Airbnb Sues Boston Over Restrictions on Short-Term Rentals”

11/13/18 NECN, Nia Hamm “Boston Considers Lowering Speed Limit Even Further After Cut to 25 MPH”

11/13/18 WCVB 5 “Boston city councilors consider reducing speed limit again”

11/13/18 CommonWealth, Jack Sullivan “Airbnb sues Boston to halt regs”

11/13/18 WBUR, Quincy Walters “Airbnb Sues Boston Over Short-Term Rental Rules”

11/9/18 Jamaica Plain Gazette “City Council holds hearing regarding dockless mobility, electric scooters”

11/8/18 Boston.com, Shannon Larson “Massachusetts officials react to deadly California bar shooting”

11/8/18 Dorchester Reporter, Jennifer Smith “A ‘Little Saigon’ district in Fields Corner? Village is conflicted”

11/2/18 WCVB 5, Josh Brogadir “Messages of support after racist graffiti found”

11/2/18 Boston Herald, Taylor Pettaway “NAACP president: Vandalism echoes Boston’s past troubles”

10/31/18 Patch, Jenna Fisher “Racist Graffiti Found Inside Boston Elementary School”

10/31/18 Bay State Banner, Catherine McGloin “Artists, advocates fight piano factory evictions”

10/30/18 Boston Herald, Brooks Sutherland “Leaders call for ”fair” hotel strike settlement”

10/26/18 WBUR, Amelia Mason “Concern Over Displacement Grows As Artists Are Evicted From Piano Craft Guild Studios”

10/26/18 East Boston Times-Free Press “Councilors Wu and O’Malley File Local Wetlands Protection Ordinance”

10/26/18 East Boston Times-Free Press “City Council Holds Hearing Regarding Dockless Mobility and Electric Scooters”

10/24/18 WGBH, Isaiah Thompson “Boston Council To Consider New Employee Protections For City Contractors”

10/22/18 WBZ 4 CBS Boston, Lisa Gresci “Commuter Rail Riders’ Cars Crowd Hyde Park Neighborhood”

10/19/18 Lowell Sun, Matt Murphy “Dems dig Baker over his push to flip U.S. Senate seat for GOP”

10/18/18 The Daily Free Press “City Council votes unanimously to support hotel workers on strike”

10/18/18 Huntington News, Rhyia Bibby “Marriott hotel employees on strike for better wages and benefits”

10/17/18 Next City, Emily Nonko “Boston Wants to Build Inclusion into Its Construction Boom”

10/16/18 Boston Globe “Hotel’s neighbors weary of din of hotel picket line”

10/15/18 The Harvard Crimson, Camille G. Caldera and Luke A. Williams “Young Politicians at Harvard IOP Have a Message for Millennials: It’s ‘Time for a Change’”

10/13/18 Boston Globe, Sophia Eppolito “Michelle Wu and Ed Flynn to urge city councilors to officially support striking hotel workers”

11/11/18 Boston Herald, Brooks Sutherland “Open spaces may get $100M in surplus cash”

10/10/18 Glamour, Mattie Kahn “How Many Women Does It Take to Change a Congress?”

10/10/18 Boston Herald, Joe Dwinell “ICE agents blaming sanctuary cities for enabling criminals”

10/9/18 Boston Herald, Brooks Sutherland “Car-free day gets a push”

10/3/18 Dorchester Reporter, Chris Triunfo “Boston in “fight with Quincy” over Long Island bridge”

10/1/18 Boston Herald, Sean Philip Cotter “Boston may build new Long Island Bridge”

9/28/18 Boston Herald, Brooks Sutherland “Neighborhood organizations pressure Boston City Council on housing”

9/25/18 Boston Herald “Editorial: Giving kids skills to succeed”

9/23/18 Boston Herald, Kathleen McKiernan “Boston City Council eyes ways to improve vocational-technical education”

9/20/18 East Boston Times – Free Press, John Lynds “Residents Encouraged to Attend Two Community Planning Meetings”

9/19/18 MassLive, Jacqueline Tempera “Is Boston offering more construction opportunities to Boston residents, people of color and women? City councilors call for more oversight”

9/12/18 Bay State Banner, Katherine McGloin “It’s Pressley in the 7th District”

9/12/18 Boston Herald, Howie Carr “Howie Carr: Charlie Baker”s the favorite, but re-election is not in the bag”

9/8/18 Boston Herald, Joyce Ferriabough Bolling “Ayanna Pressley wasn’t the only big winner Tuesday”

9/6/18 Star Tribune, from an editorial in the Boston Globe “Ayanna Pressley’s upset victory carries a message”

9/6/18 WBUR, Jennifer Smith “Ayanna Pressley Says Her Election Is ‘A Mandate For Hope’”

9/6/18 Dorchester Reporter, Colin A. Young “Pressley win means Garrison will move into council at-large seat”

9/6/18 Boston Herald, Howie Carr “Howie Carr: Mike Capuano was dead man walking”

9/6/18 Into, Nico Yang “A Black Trans Woman Will Replace Ayanna Pressley on the Boston City Council”

9/5/18 Boston Globe, Shirley Leung “We’ve seen the future of Massachusetts politics, and it’s female”

9/5/18 Boston.com, Dialynn Dwyer “How the Massachusetts congressional delegation is reacting to Ayanna Pressley’s upset of Michael Capuano”

9/5/18 Boston Business Journal, Jacqueline Tempera MassLive “Pressley unseats Capuano in 7th congressional district”

9/5/18 CommonWealth, Jack Sullivan and Michael Jonas “Pressley leads changing of the guard”

9/5/18 MassLive Jacqueline Tempera “Historic upset as Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley unseats Rep. Mike Capuano in Massachusetts’ 7th Congressional District”

9/3/18 The Daily Free Press, Chloe Grinberg “PHOTO STORY: Ayanna Pressley’s Insurgent Campaign Gears Up for Primaries”

9/2/18 WGBH, Adam Reiley “In The MA 7th, Capuano And Pressley Make Their Closing Arguments”

8/31/18 CommonWealth, Michael Jonas “Liberal groups boost Sanchez challenger”

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8/3/2018 Charlestown Patriot-Bridge “Councilors Edwards, Wu File Chain Store Zoning Legislation”

8/2/2018 John Lynds East Boston Times-Free Press “Councilors Edwards and Wu are Conducting a Community-Wide Survey for East Boston Master Plan”

8/1/2018 Saraya Wintersmith WGBH “Little Saigon? Debate Simmers Over Naming Cultural District”

7/31/2018 Sara Brown North End Waterfront.com “Community Use, Possibly NEMPAC, Favored for Vacant Tileston Street Buildings”

7/30/2018 Kristin Toussaint Metro Boston “Mass AG Maura Healey endorses Ayanna Pressley for Congress”

7/25/2018 Wicked Local Cambridge “Seventh Congressional District: Meet Candidate Ayanna Pressley”

7/21/2018 Alexander Burns New York Times “There is a Revolution on the Left. Democrats are Bracing”

7/21/2018 Beacon Hill Times “Ayanna Pressley for Congress Holds Endorsement Event with Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu”

7/21/2018 John Lynds East Boston Times-Free Press “First Step: Councilor Edwards Holds Hearing on Possible New Master Plan”

7/19/2018 Kristin LaFratta MassLive “In Boston, caregivers denounce separation of migrant families”

7/19/2018 Emily Williams Boston Globe “Nannies, caregivers hold vigil for separated families”

7/18/2018 Adam Gaffin My South End “Controversy over a roof deck”

7/18/18 Bloomberg Baystate Business “Budget Deal”

7/18/2018 Karen Morales Bay State Banner “City Councilors weigh in on E. Boston planning”

7/18/2018 Lauren Dezenski Politico “Budgetary concerns- Walsh headed to Iowa, Ohio- Biotech backs Capuano”

7/17/2018 Adam Reilly WGBH “Should Boston Push Back at Chain Stores- And if so, How?”

7/14/2018 Charlestown Patriot-Bridge “Pressley for Congress Holds Endorsement Event with Wu”

7/14/2018 Seth Daniel Charlestown Patriot-Bridge “Short-Term Rental Hosts Applaud New Ordinance from City Council”

7/13/2018 East Boston Times-Free Press “Councilor Wu Holds Hearing on Resident Permit-Parking”

7/13/2018 Boston Globe “New England news in brief”

7/13/2018 John Lynds East Boston Times-Free Press “Councilors Edwards, Wu to Hold East Boston Master Plan Hearing on Monday, July 16”

7/12/2018 Matt Margolis PJ Media “Boston City Council Considers Giving Non-Citizens the Right to Vote”

7/12/2018 Isaiah Thompson WGBH “After Vowing Lobbying Reform, Walsh Vetoes Council Effort to Implement it”

7/12/2018 Shirley Leung Boston Globe “Mass. political candidates can expense a tuxedo, but not child care. That needs to change”

7/12/2018 Sampan “Councilors Wu, Janey, and Edwards file chain store zoning legislation”

7/12/2018 Spencer Buell Boston Magazine “A City Council Idea Could Slow the Starbucks-ification of Boston”

7/12/2018 WBUR “Boston Could Require New Chain Businesses Get Extra Approval”

7/11/2018 North End Waterfront.com “City Councilors Introduce Legislation to Limit Zoning for Chain Stores”

7/11/2018 Adam Gaffin Universal Hub “Proposal would make chain outlets formally justify themselves before opening in Boston neighborhood business districts”

7/11/2018 Milton J. Valencia Boston Globe “Another Starbucks or CVS? Not without Boston’s OK under new proposal”

7/11/2018 Isaiah Thompson WGBH “Boston’s Emboldened City Council Eyes Reining In Chain Stores”

7/11/2018 Jenna Fisher Boston Patch “Are Some Boston Neighborhoods at Risk of Becoming ‘Chanified’?”

7/11/2018 Catherine McGloin Bay State Banner “Bike cafe getting in gear”

7/11/2018 Adam Gaffin Universal Hub “On a South End street full of roof decks, controversy explodes when one building owner wants to build a roof deck”

7/10/2018 Jenna Fisher Boston Patch “City Council Considers if Non US Citizens Should Vote in Boston”

7/10/2018 Jamie Halper Boston Globe “Council considers allowing noncitizens to vote in municipal elections”

7/10/2018 Sampan “Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu endorses Ayanna Pressley for Congress”

7/10/2018 Teresa Lo JDJournal “Boston Considering Giving Non-Citizens Voting Rights”

7/10/2018 Lindsay Kalter Boston Herald “Proposed noncitizen voting in Boston not seen as likely for other areas”

7/10/2018 Boston Herald “Editorial: Voting is for citizens”

7/10/2018 Antonio Planas Boston Herald “Noncitizen voting has Boston residents worried”

7/9/2018 Red State Watcher “Major U.S. City Pushing to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote”

7/9/2018 Lauren Dezenski Politico “Senate race air time- Wu backs Pressley- ACLU sues Cambridge over Women’s March Bill”

7/9/2018 Sean Philip Cotter and Jules Crittenden “A vote for noncitizens? Boston City Council prez pushes access to rights”

7/6/2018 David Sachs StreetsBlog Denver “Meet Jonathan Fertig, a Bike Advocate Who Isn’t Afraid to Challenge the Status Quo”

7/6/2018 Milton J. Valencia Boston Globe “Honeymoon over: Council strays from Walsh on key issues, often to his left”

7/4/2018 Yawu Miller Bay State Banner “A progressive battle for 9th Suffolk District seat”

6/29/2018 Meghan E. Irons Boston Globe “The city’s six female councilors are demanding action for women on the city’s firefighting force”

6/29/2018 Abbey Niezgoda NECN “Boston Considers Charging for Residential Parking Permits”

6/29/2018 Matt Conti North End Waterfront.com “Proposed North End Starbucks Strongly Opposed at Public Meeting”

6/29/2018 Kathleen McKiernan Boston Herald “‘Why?’: Boston parking permit fee discussions have longtime locals livid”

6/29/2018 Sara Brown North End Waterfront.com “Boston City Council Considering Fees for Residential Parking Stickers”

6/29/2018 Antonio Planas Boston Herald “Councilors mull charging Boston residents for parking stickers”

6/29/2018 Antonio Planas Boston Herald “Boston parking sticker shock”

6/29/2018 Lauren Dezenski Politico “Good news for incumbents- ‘red flag’ gun bill heads to Baker’s desk- Warren, Kennedy to rally against family separations”

6/28/2018 Milton J. Valencia Boston Globe “Almost half of the City Council has endorsed this candidate for governor”

6/28/2018 Beacon Hill Times “Charles River Conservancy Gala for Renata von Tscharner’s Retirement”

6/27/2018 Privacy SOS “Boston residents demand community control over police surveillance at packed city council hearing”

6/27/2018 Sophia Suarez Bay State Banner “City councilors probe BPD surveillance activities”

6/27/2018 Antonio Planas Boston Herald “Boston City Council set to vote on proposed raises today”

6/26/2018 Adam Gaffin Universal Hub “12-unit condo building wins approval for Westminster Avenue in Roxbury”

6/26/2018 Jose Castillo Spare Change News “Council Host Hearing on Police Surveillance & Technology”

6/23/2018 Boston Herald “Massachusetts cities seek to regulate short-term rentals”

6/21/2018 Milton J. Valencia Boston Globe “On the council, Zakim gets endorsements while Pressley left waiting”

6/21/2018 Dorchester Post “BPD pledges to ‘facilitate check and balance’ on the use of drones, other surveillance tech”

6/21/2018 Seth Daniel Charlestown Patriot-Bridge “Wu, Edwards to Study Resident Parking Sticker Program”

6/21/2018 Beacon Hill Times “City Council Adopts Amended Short-Term Rental Ordinance: Eliminates Investor Units, Leeway on Owner-Occupants”

6/21/2018 Antonio Planas Boston Herald “City Council condemns controversial policy of separating illegal immigrant children from parents”

6/21/2018 Mary Markos Boston Herald “Imperfect technology, Boston ‘chaotic’ streets raise fears of self-driving cars”

6/19/2018 Milton J. Valencia Boston Globe “City Council offers own lobbying bill, straying from Marty Walsh’s proposal”

6/19/2018 Milton J. Valencia Boston Globe “Council to discuss new technology for law enforcement, including surveillance drones”

6/18/2018 Milton J. Valencia Boston Globe “Boston City Council to take up lobbying rules- two years after Walsh made his proposal”

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6/13/2018 Adam Gaffin UniversalHub “Council votes to ban investor-owned Airbnb units, but reject limit on how long homeowners can rent out units”

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5/23/2018 Boston Globe “Vote on new short-term rental rules postponed”

5/22/2018 Tim Logan Boston Globe “Council Won’t Vote Yet on Short-term rental rules”

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5/8/2018 Dan Atkinson Boston Herald “Boston colleges aren’t paying enough to the city, councilors claim”

5/5/2018 Adam Vaccaro Boston Globe “Cyclists pushing for more room on Longfellow Bridge”

5/3/2018 n/a KRMG “Man Accused of Listing Affordable-Housing Unit on Airbnb”

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4/27/2018 Anthony Brooks and Chris Citorik wbur “Regulating Short Term Rentals in Boston”

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4/25/2018 Boston Business Journal “City approves Greenway BID, the city’s second after Downtown Crossing”

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4/5/2018 Michelle Scvimer Daily Free Press “Walsh administration to increase parking fines, implement transportation infrastructure”

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4/3/2018 Valerie Sizhe Li Sampan “Chinese Progressive Association reflects on community activism”

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3/30/2018 Amada Stoll North End Waterfront “Weekly Top Reads: Flooding Hearing, Short-Term Rentals, Hub on Causeway, Greenway Gardens, Lenny the Clam & the Last West End Resident”

3/29/2018 – The Dorchester Post “Help envision a new cultural district in Fields Corner”

3/29/2018 Jennifer Smith Dorchester Reporter “Council hears calls for more money, planning on flooding”

3/28/2018 Wen Stephenson Commonwealth Magazine “The Boston climate trial that might have been”

3/27/2018 Meghan Ottolini Boston Herald “Boston could find itself underwater on flooding costs”

3/26/2018 – Fox25 “City leaders address concerns about flooding and climate change in Boston”

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3/22/2018 Milton J. Valencia Boston Globe “Arroyo uses 70th birthday bash to pay bills from suspension”

3/21/2018 Tim Logan Boston Globe “Decision on short-term rental rules put on hold”

3/20/2018 – Fox25 “Boston Officials working to change rules surrounding private sewer lines”

3/20/2018 Adam Gaffin Universal Hub “Councilors want to bar investors from renting out units on Airbnb and similar platforms”

3/19/2018 Jack Sullivan Commonwealth Magazine “Wu seeks to limit short-term rentals”

3/19/2018 Michael Jonas Commonwealth Magazine “The Codcast: Wu grades the T”

3/19/2018 Tim Logan Boston Globe “Walsh wants City Council to Delay Vote on Rules for Short-Term Rentals”

3/16/2018 Beth Treffeisen Beacon Hill Times “Park Plaza Urban Renewal Zone Could Be First to Go”

3/15/2018 Karen Morales The Bay State Banner “Group Seeks to Prioritize MBTA Bus Transit”

3/12/2018 WCVB5 “Youngbloods: Michelle Wu”

3/10/2018 Patriot-Bridge Staff, Charlestown Patriot-Bridge “Council Committee Votes to Release Rutherford Avenue Money”

3/9/2018 WCVB5 “Monday March 12: Youngbloods preview”

3/6/2018 Mark Fuechec North End Waterfront “City Council Has Mixed Feelings on ‘Investor Unit Ban’ for Short-Term Rentals (AirBnB)”

3/1/2018 Eliza Relman Business Insider “A powerful Democratic group is highlighting several women in local politics as rising stars in the party”

3/1/2018 James Pindell Boston Globe “Michelle Wu a finalist for award from abortion rights group EMILY’s list”

3/1/2018 Seth Daniel Charlestown Patriot-Bridge “Edwards Pushing for Rutherford Avenue Surface Option, City Officials Say Plan Will Still Contain Underpasses”

2/28/2018 Sandra Larson The Bay State Banner “Biz forum highlights solutions”

2/28/2018 Sophia Brown Daily Free Press “Female City Councilors talk representation, leading in Boston”

2/27/2018 Lisa Weidenfeld Boston Magazine “The Interview: Andrea Campbell”

2/26/2018 “Web” – general posts from other sources such as press releases – Sampan.org “Sheriff Tompkins to host ‘A Conversation with Women Who Lead’ on Feb 27”

2/26/2018 Laurel J. Sweet Boston Herald “Marty Walsh against pressuring MBTA on assessments”

2/26/2018 Truelian Lee and Jacqueline P. Patel The Harvard Crimson “Local Groups Call for Additional Analysis of I-90 Plans”

2/23/2018 Howie Carr Boston Herald “Carr: Althea Garrison’s time has finally come”

2/23/2018 Laura Crimaldi Boston Globe “Website to explain Boston’s new ban on single-use plastic shopping bags is on the way”

2/22/2018 Sarika Ram Daily Free Press “City Council thinks about how to implement plastic bag ban”

2/20/2018 Dan Atkinson, Matt Stout, Boston Herald “MBTA Green Line ‘stretched to limit’”

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2/08/18 North End Waterfront, “Climate Justice Report Calls for Equity & Transparency in Boston Climate Resiliency Planning”

2/02/2018 Boston Herald “Pols look to keep Sullivan Square project on track”

1/24/2018, BU News, “After Two Years as Boston City Council President, Michelle Wu Steps Down to Focus on Policy”

1/12/2018 Boston Globe, “Harvard at odds with Roslindale neighbors over solar panel proposal”

12/28/2017 Boston Globe, Op-Ed: “Boston City Council looks to fight national trends with local gains in 2018”

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9/29/17 Peter Shanley, Jamaica Plain Gazette “City councilors pen letter to FAA, Massport on plane noise”

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9/22/17 Ling-Mei Wong, Sampan “Boston recognizes Chinese-American WWII veterans”

9/21/17 David Ertischek, Jamaica Plain News “City Councilors to Massport and FAA: Plane Noise is ‘Unbearable’”

9/20/17 Stephen Miller, CityLab “Boston Transportation Advocates Aren’t So Sure About Their Mayor”

9/15/17 John Lynds, East Boston Times Free Press “Ward I Democratic Committee Endorses Mayor Walsh, Passacantilli and At-Large Candidates”

9/13/17 Valerie Sizhe Li, Sampan “Asian American Day Festival comes back to Boston Common”

9/5/17 Sampan “Boston Council President Wu releases statement on DACA”

8/16/17 Sampan “Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund endorses Boston City Council candidates”

8/14/17 Sampan “Council President Wu releases statement on Charlottesville, planned Boston rally”

8/4/17 Sampan “Councilors Wu and O’Malley file CCE authorization order for Boston”  

8/4/17 Ling Mei-Wong, Sampan “Council candidate Michelle Wu opens Chinatown campaign office”

7/1/17 Staff, Beacon Hill Times “BHCA Community Corner: Mayor files ordinance regarding sandwich board signs”

7/4/17 Shirley Leung, Boston Globe  “Globe’s poll omission leaves Asian-Americans invisible and unheard

06/23/17 New England Real Estate Journal “The city of Boston approves Finegold Alexander Architects’ design modifications for City Hall council chamber”  

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06/20/17 Andrew Higginbottom, Wicked Local West Roxbury “Roslindale Residents get weekend civics lesson

6/16/17 Beth Treffeisen, North End Regional Review “Boston City Council Looks to Reduce Carbon Footprint of City Hall and Municipal Buildings

6/15/17 Maddie Kilgannon, Boston Globe “Council throws surprise shower for expecting councilors

6/15/17 Michelle Wu, WGBH “Climate Justice: Beyond Green Elitism

6/14/14 Sean Garren and Michelle Wu, Boston Business Journal “Solar is powering progress and jobs in Boston

6/9/17 Ruobing Su, Sampan “Community advocates discuss improving language access for Asian Americans

6/8/17 Meghan Irons, Boston Globe “Council will hold summer meetings at Fanueil Hall

6/6/17 Sampan – “Council President Wu Authors Hearing Order on Greening City Hall

5/25/17 Meghan Irons, Boston Globe “Roxbury gets a cultural boost

5/25/17 Kelly Ransom, JPNDC’s JP & Me Blog “JP and City Councilor Michelle Wu”  

5/24/17 Jeff Sullivan, The Bulletin Newspapers “City Council looking to support Haitian residents”  

5/19/17 Beth Treffeisen, Boston Sun “Residents Demand More Slow Streets for Boston Neighborhoods

5/17/17 Amanda Stoll, North End Waterfront “Five Policy Briefings to Suggest Boston Transportation Improvements

5/17/17 Dorchester Reporter “City Council backs Haitians here on post-earthquake visas

5/17/17 Spencer Buell, Boston Magazine “The City Council Just Took a Stand in Support of Boston’s Haitian Immigrants

5/17/17 Adam Gaffin, Universal Hub “Boston city councilors unanimously back the Haitians here because of 2010 earthquake

5/2/17 Maddie Kilgannon and John R. Ellement, Boston Globe “NAACP leader calls racial harassment of Orioles outfielder ‘a shame on the city’”  

4/28/17 Boston 25 News “What diners need to know about Boston’s new BYOB program

4/24/17 Emily Sweeney, Boston Globe “Berklee honors Alex Gitungano and Michelle Wu with Urban Service Awards

4/19/17 Noor Adatia, The Daily Free Press “City Council proposes ordinance promoting right to free petition

4/17/17 Mattie Quinn, Governing “The Woman Who Pushed Boston to Be a Leader in Paid Family Leave

4/14/17 Beth Treffeisen, Beacon Hill Times “Boston City Council Chamber Set for New Accessibility Upgrades

4/6/17 Sampan “Congressman Jim McGovern and Boston City Council President Michelle Wu to receive Massachusetts Democratic Party’s Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Award

4/6/17 Adam Gaffin, Universal Hub “Boston gets it’s first legal BYOB restaurant

4/6/17 Steve Annear, Boston Globe “Roslindale restaurant gets city’s first BYOB license

3/8/17 Beth Germano, CBS Boston “Rainbow Flag At Center Of Dispute Between St. Patrick’s Day Parade Organizers, OutVets

3/8/17 Dialynn Dwyer, Boston.com “Mayor Walsh, Gov. Baker won’t march in St. Patrick’s Day parade without gay veterans

3/8/17 Jennifer Smith, Dorchester Reporter “Council wants further study for tenant ‘stabilization’ act

3/7/17 Amanda Stoll, North End Waterfront “Boston City Council Take Up Reprecincting; Downtown Waterfront Split Proposed

3/6/17 Alex E. Weaver, BostInno “Mayor Walsh Proposes 152 New Boston Liquor Licenses

2/28/2017 Beacon Hill Times “Residents Urged to Get Involved

2/27/17 Isaiah Thompson, WGBH “Boston Council Prez Wu Wants Hearings By Citizen Petition

2/24/17 Ling Mei-Wong, Sampan “Boston city council’s ‘Fab Four’ women partner on childcare

2/23/17 Maddie Kilgannon, Boston Globe “Slow start to BYOB in Boston

2/17/17 Seth Daniel, Beacon Hill Times “Four Female Councilors Embark on Study,Meeting Series on Early Ed,Childcare Here

2/8/17 Bob Oakes, WBUR “Boston City Council Establishes Civil Rights Committee In Response To President Trump

2/8/17 Zachary Hertz, The Tufts Daily “Boston City Council President talks politics at Civic Life Lunch

2/7/17 Astead W. Herndon, Boston Globe “Stirred by Trump, City Council tries to bring back civil rights commission

2/7/17 Erin Tiernan, Metro US “Boston opens BYOB applications to restaurants

2/5/17 Associated Press, Fox 25 “Boston taking applications from restaurants for BYOB

2/4/17 Ling-Mei Wong 黃靈美, Sampan “Boston city council’s ‘Fab Four’ women partner on childcare

2/3/17 Astead W. Herndon, Boston Globe “Coming soon to some neighborhoods: BYOB restaurants

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