Michelle’s Policy Agenda

cover page of platform

Michelle has a vision for Boston to be an affordable and welcoming home to families of all backgrounds, and a leading city in a time of uncertainty. Read all her ideas for how to make that vision a reality here.

Ensure Economic Mobility

The promise of the American Dream is that in this country, no matter where you were born or who your parents are, if you work hard you can find opportunities for your family to thrive. In a time of national uncertainty and growing inequality, Boston should be the city to deliver on that promise.

We need to achieve affordability and shared prosperity through a strong local economy and empower residents to be civically engaged.

Achieve Racial Equity

We are at our strongest as a city and a society when we draw on every talent in the community and include every voice in decisionmaking. For a city of opportunity, it is unacceptable to see stark racial disparities reflected in education, employment, criminal justice and health outcomes.

We need to foster safe and healthy communities and ensure high quality education for all our students.

Fight for Climate Justice

The impacts of climate change range from disruptive to destructive, and they grow more urgent each season. As weather patterns change due to greenhouse gas emissions, it’s not enough to be resilient, to wait for the next hurricane or flood or drought and then marshal relief efforts.

We need to create livable streets and plan for inclusive and sustainable infrastructure.


You can read the entire agenda here.